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Power farming: I pampered meiqiang villain

Power farming: I pampered meiqiang villain

Power farming: I pampered meiqiang villain

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    Power farming: I pampered meiqiang villain
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    Kyushu fog
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    Qishi Book
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2022-06-30 08:58:17
[wear Book + power + space + villain + sweet pet + farming + slapping face] Ning Yue dressed as a fake daughter, and the original owner finally died in humiliation Ning Yue, who wore it, shook her hand and gave up. She accidentally saved a badly injured beautiful man he is a powerful and tragic villain in the middle and later stage of the book Ning Yue took him back to his mother's house look at the old, weak, sick and disabled farmer in front of you sighed and rolled up his sleeves open a shop, cover barren mountains, plant fruit trees with wood powers, and lead the whole family on the road to prosperity he abandoned his wife and son and became Chen Shimei's slag father in the imperial examination high school. Many years later, he sent someone to rob his son Ning Yue: if you want to die, never be soft the healing power healed the badly wounded villain beautiful man. He perked up and returned to the court. He cleared away evil and became the Regent of thousands of people at the urging of her mother, Ning Yue went on a blind date, and the Regent came to the door with an endless bride price when he saw her, he immediately raised his ready wedding ring and knelt down: "who else do you want to marry besides me?"